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How does the pre-order work?
Producing less but better is common sense.
Common sense, for us, as a historic glovemaker in Millau, means being a manufacturer, being responsible, being sustainable, being human and being demanding all at the same time.
The principle of pre-ordering is to produce only what is sold. When you pay for an item in pre-order, we launch its production and will be delivered to you according to the indication between a few days and a few weeks. Next to each article is indicated the delivery time. The idea is that you can find all your sizes and colors, all the models, and that we only produce the right number of pieces.
Why choose pre-order?
For good reasons:
The pre-order is obviously ecological. No need to overproduce. No unnecessary stock.
It also responds to an economic choice. We must do everything to lower the intermediate costs, No more inventory costs, intermediaries, the raw material created and unsold, the additional parts that remain on the arms and end up in sales.
Finally, we have understood it is that of expectation and desirability. If it were possible we would have all items in stock in all sizes, but that is not the case. Waiting has this positive side that means that we only pre-order pieces that we really want.
How long between pre-order and receipt?
It depends on the date of your pre-order. Materials, colors, linings and sewing. A hand-sewn glove takes longer than a machine-stitched one. Some colors are to be ordered. On average it takes between 3 weeks and 8 weeks for delivery to your home.
Don't worry, in any case, we will always indicate the date of receipt on the product sheet and above all, we will come back to you regularly to give you news once the product has been pre-ordered.
Can I exchange a pre-ordered item?
Of course we want the product to fit you like a glove and to be so beautiful that you don't want to exchange it. But it can happen. We are still making several sizes and a few extra pairs on pre-orders. Pre-order models will be produced in mini series (two to six pairs) to allow exchanges in the event of a size problem.
Responsible purchases for you or for your loved ones, consume less but consume better.
Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, we are at your disposal and will respond very quickly.