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With 1.5 million ewes in Occitane 80 % of the shipped overseas to be sorted, washed, and woven before returning to France. In order to turn this trend on its head Maison Fabre and Made in Town came together to bring wool transformation back home to France.

Every step from shearing, weaving and knitting, even washing and sorting spinning the Larzac style gloves encourages the reestablishment of the French wool industry.

Maison Fabre in partnership with Made in Town has produced for the first time an ecoresponsible model of gloves made with 100% local materials showcasing a short supply chain based in Occitanie.

Several groups of wool producers have worked for more than 10 years to prevent the fleece from their flocks from being lost. Together they are finding solutions to keep their wool harvest in France. A diverse richness of this tradition includes the pioneering Merino producers of Arles,with features the highest quality available, equally the Raioles ewes in the famous Cévennes, the flocks of Texel in the Creuse, and last but not least the shepherds of the Lacaune in Aveyron and Lozère.

After shearing, washing and carding the woolen cloth is woven at the Passe Trame workshop in nearby Mazamet.

The textile is composed of fibers of 12 types of sheep from the 4 corners of France : Aure and Campan, Barégeoise, Bizet,Corse, Ile de France, Lacaune, Merinos d’Arles, Noire du Velay, Préalpes du Sud, Rouge du Rousillon, Solognote, Taraconnaise, with yarns spun in Creuse by the Fonty mill and in Tarn county by Filatures du Parc.

The Colorstory of this range of textiles from darkest to lightest are being designed with dying in order to reflect the natural shade diversity of the fleece. 

The leather used is the lambskin of the species Lacaune is tanned in the Tannery Pechdo in Millau with the greatest respect and accordance with European environmental standards.

The story of this adventure in Millau will premiere on the television show Des Racines et Des Ailes on France 3 on October 3, 2020.