THE PERFUMED GLOVES OF MAISON FABRE : Two unique and elegant collections that guarantee you quite the success, royal…or imperial.

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Are you a royalist or a Bonapartist ?
It's of little import, you are free to sigh, caresse, take someone's hand, while leaving a subtle trail of floral notes, orange blossom, benzoin, amber and musk behind you, with the gloves of Marie Antoinette and Josephine.

Exclusively available in the National Museum at Palais Royal, they are royal and imperial, an invitation to whirl at a ball in Versailles, or secret yourself away in an alcove of a great room in the Chateau Malmaison.
Who is better to voyage with you through history, femininity and elegance than Maison Fabre ? With a four generation long heritage of glove making beginning in 1924, and enduring until today in Millau.

Lambskin, lined in silk, that is carresed by scented talc, these unique and refined creations, magestically evoke the vanities of great two great queens, each a fashion icon of her time.

Delicately hand embroidered, short or long, the two models of Marie Antoinette echo those of realized by the master glove maker of the period, Jean Louis Fargeon. They come in six nuances, with embellishments directly inspired by the dresses of the queen. They subtly release the ancient secret formula of the perfume called "d'Eau dAnge", favored by the royal couple.