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Since 1924, a heritage and passion for exceptional glove making.

When he was forty years old, Etienne Fabre made a decision that would not only change his life but that of his descendants: he would become a glove maker. However, the legacy of Maison Fabre stretches back even further than the founding of the company. In 1909, Etienne Fabre was a 25 year old that is so passionate about horseback riding that he becomes a mounted policeman. During this era, horse, carriages, bicycles, boats and trains are the main modes of transportation, thus everyone has a own a pair of gloves. This revelation is the spark that ignites the beginning of a family history that continues to be written even today.
Our Maison Fabre shops, open 7 days a week in December:
- Millau, 20 Avenue Gambetta
- Paris, Jardin du Palais Royal
- Printemps Haussmann Homme
- Galeries Lafayette Haussmann Homme et Femme
- Galeries Lafayette Champs Elysées
- Bon Marché Homme