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ager to share their ancestral savoir-faire Maison Goutal came together with Maison Fabre to create perfumed gloves, uniquely scented with « Starry Night « perfume.


This collaboration is an opportunity to celebrate the close ties that bind the crafts of perfumery and glove making. In a tribute to the eighteenth century, where master perfumer glove makers practiced their trade in the elegant St Honoré neighborhood. We invite you to enter the hazy cloud of perfume that enveloped their shops, which were frequented by the royal court. 


The association between Goutal and Maison Fabre was immediately apparent. Both houses are enriched in their family traditions, steeped in a heritage of passion, these are each represented by their exceptional French craftsmanship.


They are also linked with the history of perfume, Maison Fabre having been one of the only French glove makers to reconnect with the history of its hometown of Millau, by giving new life to the gloves of Marie Antoinette. The collaboration with RMN-GP is currently on sale at the boutique in the château Versailles.

The historic shops of both houses are today located just a few steps from the famous place Vendôme.


The perfumed gloves of Goutal x Maison Fabre are exceptional in the quality of their materials and artisanal production methods. Inspired by the colors of the « Night BIrds » collection, they are constructed of delicate lambskin and lined in silk.

Scented with a natural « Starry Night » talc the gloves are available at both the Goutal boutique and the Maison Fabre boutique at Palais Royal, which await you perfumed and decorated for the occasion.



Maison Goutal in collaboration with Maison Fabre introduces a limited series line of « Starry Night « perfumed gloves. They are available at both Maison Goutal’s Paris boutiques and Maison Fabre’s boutique in the gardens of the Palais Royal. 

The perfumes longevity depends on usage and may be replenished in the aforementioned boutiques. The ideal storage is in their boxes after use.