Maison Fabre breathes new life into the magic gloves featured in Jean Cocteau's 1946 masterpiece Beauty and the Beast.

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"There are no coincidences, only appointments." The fact that Olivier Fabre opened his boutique under the arches of the Palais Royal, in the heart of Paris, is certainly no coincidence. With the heart of a poet, of course, he was drawn to the well preserved and charming enclave. During his childhood, and after in his adolescence, his grandmother instilled in him a deep love of beauty, perfection, and wonder. To see her at work in the workshop in Millau inspired him to continue the family tradition. As elegant ambassadors of french savoir faire, Maison Fabre's gloves travel the world over. Raised on fairy stories, Olivier was suceptable to the charm of the Beauty and the Beas, a story as told by Mme Leprince de Beaumont, a fairy story without any fairies. 

By following this ribbon of dreams, the sumptous and nocturnal film directed by Cocteau, he was propelled into a prolongation of this state of enchantment. He arrived eventually at the point of desiring to resurrect the magic gloves of the Beast, the very same that allowed the Beauty to travel through space and time. It took about 70 years for the magic gloves to fly from the windows of Cocteau's appartment on the rue de Montpensier - where the script was written in 1944 - to fly above the rooftops, and into the window of Olivier Fabre, where they were realized in all of their magnificence. Facinating with their halo of unchanging mystery, the magic gloves have taken up residence in the galarie de Valois, where the echos of the stories intermingle, great and small alike. No doubt, that all of those that are lucky enough to bask in their prescence will hear the words whispered that no child ever grows tired of hearing... Once upon a time.