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With the second lockdown here in France, we find our world turned upside down. We are rethinking our day to day lives. More than ever we are reflecting on our consumption. We must come to the aid of our commercants and artisans.

On this terrible situation we must all pull together to help one another, as well as our traditional brick and mortar stones in the villages. The traditional artisans which one the lifes blood and heritage of France. Today there is an important method to help that is purchasing by our Internet site.

You can show your support by making the smallest purchase on our site. Many, like Maison Fabre, have put in place a "Click and Collect" option, as well as a bicycle delivery in Paris. one click can bring your purchase right to your door.

There are many ways that you can support our artisans and local French production:

- Spread with word of mouth !
- Share our posts !
- Leave a review !
- And most important: buy our products !

Everyone on our team, from the artisans, to our customer service representatives are standing strong.
We know we can count on you. 

Take care and see you soon!

The Maison Fabre's team.