MAISON FABRE x RICHARD DE LATOUR , for the Museum Soulages in Rodez

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To commemorate the opening of the Museum Soulages in Rodez, Maison Fabre teamed up with the designer Richard La Tour, to create this pair of gloves in homage to the celebrated painter from Aveyron. A one of a kind piece, which took more than 100 hours to complete.

The pair of gloves entitled Bleu de Ciel, created by Maison Fabre and Richard La Tour was presented at the Museum Soulages in Rodez. A joint project of the EPV and the CCI Aveyron in conjunction with the Colloque sur les Metiers of Arts and Savoir Faire.

The blue glove features silk screening and paint on leather, with appliqués of black bands, with topstitching. The second, black glove featured lambskin pleats, with just 0,03 mm of thickness, realized by Maison Legion in Paris, recalls the linear effects and play of light on his painting's surfaces.