Maison Fabre and sustainable development

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For nearly a century, Maison Fabre has been perpetuating the tradition of French glove-making, and in the Millau workshop, our passionate seamstresses perpetuate the ancestral know-how of the house, mastering to perfection the English piqué. At the rhythm of the machines and their masterful hands, the LARZAC was born, the fruit of two years of work. The perfect combination of leather and wool from our Lacaune ewes, the collaboration of local companies such as Pechdo tannery or Passe Trame have allowed us to give birth to this 100% Occitanie model, pride of our company, and worthy representative of our territory and its values.

The wool of our Lacaune sheep is a fiber that grows continuously in our territory. We have therefore chosen to work on the revaluation of this local fiber. We follow the shearing, the sorting, the washing, the spinning, the weaving, up to the making, all in Occitanie region. The skin comes from the consumption of the lambs. By transforming it into leather in Millau, the "megissiers" recycle in a sustainable way a local natural material. By ordering a pair of LARZAC gloves you participate in the transformation of local natural materials and in the development of a responsible circular economy in the heart of our rural area.

Consume less, but consume better, it starts now!